Friday, December 20, 2013

GHOST KOMMANDO - Falkenstein

GHOST KOMMANDO - "Falkenstein"
 WHITE MEDAL - "Red Thorr, White Christ"

Split-7" limited to 250 copies on black vinyl out now!!!


- Label Description - 

The long awaited debut to vinyl by Switzerland's obscure Ghost Kommando! Kommandant Karnov & Reverend Void, with their track "Falkenstein", add more of a Black Metal layer to their own unique brand of raw underground metal destruction. Darkthrone meets Joy Division in an ancient Swiss castle. Yorkshire one man band White Medal takes a more experimental route and incorporates the Raw Heathen Black Metal it is known for alongside punkier and more aggressive freeform rock elements with bestial as well as somewhat choral vocals. Lyrics detailing the bloody conversion of ancient Northumbrian folk from their native Pagan beliefs to Christianity and subsequently back again following the death of a Christian ruler. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with artwork by Ghost Kommando in their classic Death Fiend style. A unique release in the underground and quite possibly the first split between a Swiss and UK band?